Armine E20YA8307D02-1037
The world's best quality silk was carefully selected by our experts.
Edge seams are handmade.
90 * 90 cm in size.

* Water and Stain resistant fabric.
* It does not contain carcinogenic substances.
* Do not leave in the sun for a long time.
* When washing your silk, the water temperature should be at a level that will not burn your hand.
* To avoid damaging your silk, never use detergent soap or gel when washing.
* You can use baby shampoo or silk shawl or scarf shampoo instead.
* It will be better to lay it on a towel in your home without squeezing it to dry your silk.
* You should iron your silk while it is moist with iron.
* Dry cleaning is recommended for your scarf to last longer.

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